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My name is Ritu Mehra. I am from Pathankot city of Punjab state. My academic qualifications are post graduation, B.Ed and CTET exam qualified. I have done B.ed from Tagore College of Education, Guru Nanak Dev University, Gurdaspur. I have worked as a teacher in CBSE school. Learning in life is a continuous process and I follow it. Learning new things, writing, reading and doing creative work is my passion.

About Blog

Hello friends! Welcome to my blog. I am former teacher and love to teach anyway like online or offline. Through this blog I want to share knowledge and learning content. In this blog, I have brought down all that I have learned so far from my hard work and my experiences. This content has been written by my own learned knowledge and experiences and the notes I have memorized and college lectures etc. that I have taken so far.This is one of the best blog for study. www.ritusacademy.com is my educational web site. You can find here about current affairs, environmental topics, geography, political content, CTET exam preparation content and essays and some education related updates. Through this website I want to expands lots of quality content which makes study easier and qualitative . Every individual is different from each others and their abilities to learning also different. So here is some easy methods of learning and to the point explanation of every topics .In short my website provides easy and accurate way to learning.For more details do visit Here