New Education Policy: UGC and AICTE approve NCC course

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New Education Policy: UGC and AICTE approve NCC course in university and colleges syllabus

The Central Government considers NCC as an optional subject for students in UGC and AICTE to encourage NCC as per the new education policy. According to sources, this provision has been made to make students disciplined and instill a sense of patriotism in them. By the Commanding Officer of NCC Units of NCC Directorate, Lucknow The Vice Chancellors of all Universities and Technical Institutions are given detailed information about Common Elective Credit Courses (CBSE) for the introduction of NCC by a presentation and various briefings. 
He said that many universities in India can choose NCC as an elective. Students who enroll as NCC cadets will receive academic credit in addition to the credit B and C certificate for NCC training and will be able to take advantages of the employment facilities provided under various Central and State Government schemes. 
It is a government run profitable program that will benefit the students. Many moral feelings will develop in the students, discipline and dedication towards the country, etc. Under NCC program, a variety of activities are conducted with the students to develop their personality and to know the values ​​of their country. In this way, choosing an optional subject for the students will enhance their good team spirit etc. NCC subjects in universities Will give students a basic direction. There is an atmosphere of happiness among the NCC cadets by this decision of the government and all the academics are taking this as a good step taken by the government.

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