CBSE 12th board exam cancelled or not


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CBSE 12th board exam cancelled

CBSE 12th class board examination has remained in the headlines so far. A few days ago during a meeting with the Education Minister, State Education Secretaries, it was decided that the 12th examination will be postponed till June 1 and later it will be discussed whether the examination will be done or not. Seeing the rise of covid-19, parents are demanding cancellation of the exam. A petition was also filed by the CBSE in the High Court about this. CBSE National Council of Schools has demanded the conduct of examination from Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank.
CBSE is reviewing the status of covid-19 And will decide to conduct the 12th grade examination on 1 June and the board has also said that it will issue new dates for the exam before 15 days  to start of the exam.
According to the report, Indira Rajan, General Secretary of CBSE National Council said the examination should be conducted even after the examination has been delayed. If possible, the pattern of the examination will be changed.
On 18 May, a public interest litigation was filed against the cancellation of the 12th examination, stating that cancellation of the 12th examination is not a correct decision. The petition said that the 12th examination is an integral part of the academic life of the students. And only then get admission in higher educational institutions. So it is necessary that examinations be conducted.
 In fact, the threat of covid-19 has increased so much that the parents are demanding to cancel the examination. And on the other hand some people disagree with the cancellation of the exam. Currently the decision is still postponed. In this case, students should not pay attention to these discussions. They should only focus on their studies. Achieving educational goal is the success of life and it is expected that the government will take a decision in the public interest.

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