General knowledge of coronavirus 2020

 Essay on coronavirus

General knowledge of coronavirus 2020 

1. Covid-19 is the name given to the disease caused by Corona virus.

2. ‘WHO’ has declared covid-19 an epidemic.

3. Rajasthan state became the first state to lockdown due to coronavirus.

4. Covid-19 affects the lungs of human body.

5. RT-PCR is the name of the test of coronavirus (covid-19). 

6. Full form of COVID-19 :
CO- Corona
VI- Virus
D- Disease
19- 2019

7. India has announced in SAARC Covid-19 emergency fund – $ 10 million

8. Indian government launches  Aarogya Setu app for covid-19 tracker app.

9. Google has launched a new website  to make you aware of coronavirus.

10. Coronavirus is related to SARS and MERS disease.

11. Coronavirus first identified in 1960.

12. The name coronavirus originated in Latin language.

13. Hydroxichloroquine medicine has India exported to America.

14. United States of America has highest coronavirus cases in the world. 

15. Maharashtra state has the highest coronavirus cases in india. 

16. Coronavirus outbreak was originated in Hubei province of China.

17. Fever, cough, shortness of breath are symptoms of Nobel coronavirus.

18. SARS virus was spread in 2002 in China. 

19. Section 2 of the epidemic diseases act empowers State government, UTs to take special measures and formulate regulations to contain any outbreak.

20. SARS  is stand for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

21. Coronavirus is a kind of common virus that causes an infection in nose, sinuses and upper throat. 

22. MERS was first spread over in Saudi Arabia. 
MERS is stand for ‘Middle East Respiratory Syndrome’. 

23. Coronavirus are zoonotic, it means – 
They’re transmitted between 
-animals and plants
– human and plants
– animals and people
– animals and birds.

24. World Health organisation (WHO) recognised Novel coronavirus as a pandemic at 11 March 2020.

25. India’s first coronavirus death occurred in Karnataka state.

26. The first death due to coronavirus in USA was reported in Washington.
27. There are seven types of coronavirus: 
1. HCoV- 229E
2.HCoV- NL63
3. HCoV- OC43
4. HCoV- HKU1
7. SARS-2

28. Social distancing can help to prevent coronavirus. 

29. Newyork state of America has been the highest number of coronavirus cases.

30. Quarantine yourself  can help to reduce Coronavirus. 

31. The recovery time of the coronavirus disease is 2-6 weeks. 

32. CSIR-NAL has developed BiPAP Non Invasive ventilator named Swasth Vayu for Covid-19.

33. The national institute of virology has achieved success in developing the nations first indigenous covid-19 antibody test kit ELICA.

34. Reliance opened a hospital dedicated to covid-19 in Mumbai.

35. Tokyo Olympics has been cancelled for 1 year because of covid-19. 

36. IMF declared that whole world has entered into Economic recession because of covid-19. 

37. Indian Army started operation ‘Namaste’ in order to tackle with covid-19.

38. Abott laboratories have launched 5 minutes testing kit for coronavirus belongs to America. 

39. Nagaland state chief minister launched ‘self declaration’ covid-19 app.

40. Corona Kavach app is launched by indian government in order to track the location of corona infected people. 

41. 3 months has been granted by RBI on debt’s EMI. 

42. China is affected by HANTA virus. 

43. In America maximum people die due to covid-19.

44. On 22 March 2020 Janta curfew was imposed in India.

45. Uttar Pradesh State government has formed ‘Team -11’ in order to tackle covid-19.

46. Princess Maria Teresa died due to coronavirus belongs to Spain. 

47. SBI Bank has started covid-19 emergency credit line for its customers. 

48. India’s biggest hospital for treatment of coronavirus will be construed in Odisha.

49. Goa became India’s first state to launch ‘Self Assessment tool’ in order to treat covid-19 patients. 

50. Hydroxichloroquine medicine’s export was restricted because of coronavirus.